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Registration for a test account

There is the possibility to register for a free test account which you can use for 5 hours. You can use the complete calculation software eAssistant with project management and with opening / saving files.

To register for a test account, please click on the link "free test account" on our website ( The use of terms appear. After you have read and accept these, the project manager will be started. Please fill in your user data. As a private user please enter "private" for company.

Within 24 hours you will receive a password via email. To get the password a successful verification of your data is required. The sending of the email takes normally just a few minutes.

As soon as you received the password, you can log in with your user name and password. Please click on the link "login for registered users" on our website ( With the project manager you can start the several calculation modules, you can manage your files on the server, you can change your address data and password.

After your successful log in, you are automatically in the project manager. Here you can choose a certain calculation module (window "calculation type"). The window "files" shows all available files which belong to the chosen calculation module. The button „new calculation“ starts a selected calculation module. Pre-select a file and click on the button "open calculation", the according calculation module with the selected file will be started.

When you press the right mouse button in the window "projects" and "files" you can carry out some management function like create a new project, delete and copy.

In "user management" you can change your personal data like address or password. Therefor click on the button "user properties". Here you can change your data as required. Click on the button "change properties" you can enter (save) your data in the data base permanently.

The account takes place minute by minute. The time-settlement does not apply to working in the project manager. The accounting mode is just running as long as a calculation module is open.